Sequoit Pride, ACHS Booster Club

Sequoit Pride 5K Generates More Than $4,500

The 2016 Sequoit Pride 5K Fun Run & Walk presented by Raymond Auto Group was held at 2:00pm on Sunday, October 16, 2016 on a 70 degree cloudy day. It was full of unexpected surprises.

The first surprise was a pleasant one: many local businesses stepped up to sponsor the event and our sponsorship income was higher than last year. Sponsors make it possible for a non-profit organization like Sequoit Pride to produce this fundraiser.

The second surprise was disappointing: participation was down from last year. We are actively planning ways to drastically increase participation in 2017.

The next surprise was brutal: after years of neglect, the railroad finally decided to repair the Route 173 crossing on the weekend of our event. That meant our previously approved road closure on McMillen Road was no longer an option since that road became a detour route for local traffic. It also meant there was no way for pedestrians to get from the ACHS parking lot to the 5K start line. We had to re-plan the entire event four days prior to the start of the race. A new 5K route was mapped using McMillen Field and the Tim Osmond Sports Complex. The new course was painted on Saturday.

The final surprise was... more than one inch of heavy rain at 4:30am on race day. Some of Saturday's paint washed away, small lakes formed on the gravel path, and grass turned into a smooshy sloshy wet muddy mess. That was certainly not our plan, but some found it entertaining. To them, the 5K turned into a "mud run" at times.

Despite all of those surprises, this event was a success. Participants had healthy fun while collaborating to raise $4,590.40 for our Sequoits. We look forward to a bigger event in 2017!

DID YOU KNOW... Raymond Auto Group supports Sequoit Pride in a huge way? Raymond Chevrolet and Raymond Kia pledged $50,000 over a ten year period. Their first payment allowed Sequoit Pride to paint "home of the Sequoits" on the Route 173 water tower and fund academic, athletic, artistic, and activity opportunities for ACHS students. Thank you, Raymond Auto Group!